Dive Trip
Bonaire 2006

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Mickey, Shannon, Sandy and I took a dive trip to Bonaire the last week of June.  We got a good deal by traveling with a group organized by Jo Phillips of Underwater Enchantment.  Jo was Shannon's dive instructor when she was learning to certify.  We were all looking forward to the trip as we had been planning it since Christmas.
We had all been to Bonaire before.  It was the second trip for Mickey and Shannon, the fourth for Sandy and the fifth for me.  But Bonaire is one of our favorite places so we love to go back.  It has outstanding diving that is very easy.  It also has excellent shore diving, so we can dive on our own schedule.
Shannon did most of her dives with the group.  Everyday they would go out for a two tank boat dive.  She dove with Jo and her daughter Marti, who is twelve.  She really enjoyed diving with the group and she was well matched with Marti.
Sandy usually did one dive a day on the house reef.  She did have some trouble with her new mask and was never quite able to get things worked out to her liking.  But she did spend her extra time laying on the beach in the sun, so her backup plan worked.
Mickey and I did one boat trip with the group, but spent the rest of our time doing shore dives.  We did the Hilma Hooker, 1000 Steps, Cliff and Invisibles.  The rest of our dives were done on Buddy Reef right off the dock.  We got to know the reef pretty well, but could always find something different.  One day we dove to the bottom of the reef.  I hit 131 feet and Mickey reached 125 feet.  Another day we swam as far to the north as we could and reached the La Machaca wreck in front of Captain Don's Habitat.  We did a number of night dives and then the reef changed completely.   Large tarpon would swim in our lights and hunt.  One tarpon in particular was huge, and was there every night.  All the divers called him Charlie.
We had a brand new HP Photosmart 817 digital camera on the trip.  We also had the underwater scuba case for it.  Mickey took most of the pictures underwater.  The new camera worked far better than we had hoped.  It seemed to get less backscatter than we used to get with the Sea and See camera we used previously.  Mickey also did well using the macro settings and got some outstanding close ups.  Some of the best underwater photos are included on these pages.  Check them out.

Bonaire 2006 photo pages
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The dive area at Buddy Dive resort.  The restaurant is above and overlooks the ocean.

Pier for shore diving.  The ladder was one of two that provided easy access and egress.

Beautiful water - let's go diving!  The light colored water indicates the sandy shallows.  The dark blue water marks where the reef drops off.

View from the balcony off our room

Sandy enjoys "a little Heinie" after a day of diving
Sandy and Shannon take a break during our one day of shopping in town.  It was hot when you weren't in the water.
Sandy and Shannon at the Lion's Den
Steve's always happy when it's dinner time

Watching for the green flash at sunset

Sandy and Shannon dressed up for dinner

Shannon at the Lion's Den - our favorite restaurant

Mickey feeds one of the many iguanas that were always around the resort

Shannon practices her fish face so that she won't scare off the aquatic life when she dives

Lining up at the airport before 5 am.  Shannon is yawning and Mickey and Sandy are still sleeping.

Lunch at the Plaza Resort after our flight was cancelled and we had to stay an extra day.  Travel delays are hell.

Bonaire 2006 photo pages
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