MBA visit

Laney is happy to pose as long as MBA pets her

Our friend Mary Beth Anderson came to Boise recently for a visit. We had our trip to the Alps planned for this time so we only had a short overlap. But she did get to come over one evening to drink wine, eat barbecue, and hang out on the backyard patio with us.

MB is now a lady of leisure. She quit her job at Tomo Therapy in August. They were acquired by another company and as often happens, the new management instituted radical changes. They were a little to radical for Mary Beth. Interestingly enough, she quit her job almost the same day that I started my new job at the University of Idaho. The physicist in me is wondering if there is some kind of weird conservation of people-not-working acting here. Maybe she couldn't quit until I started a new job. Or maybe I didn't get my job until she quit hers. There might be a Nobel Prize in here if I could figure it out.

Sandy made hamburgers on the grill and they were excellent. We had lots of fresh fruit to go with it. MB brought some excellent wine while we broke into our own stash from our recent winery tour in Washington in July. Laney took advantage of having company over to get extra attention. No one ever pays attention to her normally. Or at least that is what you would think to see how she acts. By our second bottle of wine we had an excellent session complaining about work. It used to be that all of us worked at HP, so all we could complain about was HP. Now we could complain about things at three different places. Much more interesting.

The three ladies are enjoying wine and snacks

We did have lots of interesting discussion. Stories about leaving the old job. Stories about starting a new job. MB did tell us some tales of one of her friends who she said is living "Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous". Kind of a downer for us when all we had to look forward to was this crummy trip to the Alps. But we are carrying on valiantly. I'll start posting about our trip next (which is already in progress).

Meanwhile MB was planning to do some serious networking with people in Boise after we left. She is very interested in moving back to Idaho. She's looking for an opportunity. Of course if she does get a job here, who knows who will get bumped. You can't violate conservation laws. It's like the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In the end, physics always wins.