DogBlog 2013 posts

24 December 2013    Saying Goodbye to Laney

It truly was Black Friday >>More

17 November 2013    BottosCon

What the hell is BottosCon? >>More

26 October 2013    Baby I'm Back

After a two year hiatus I go to a wargame event. >>More

21 October 2013    Maybe Next Year

After a spectacular hike our trip winds down. >>More

14 October 2013    Lake O'Hara Alpine Circuit

We always save the best for the last. >>More

3 September 2013    A Tale Of Two Hikes

One hail of a hike. One chocolate cake. >>More

1 September 2013    Climbing Fairview Mountain

We bag a wonderful summit on a beautiful day >>More

18 August 2013    To the Northern Mountains

The bears leave us alone but we are attacked by a mountain guide >>More

13 August 2013    Goat Lake/Haunt

Hikes at Goat Lake and Goat Haunt where we see...bears >>More

8 August 2013    On to Canada

We get a room with a bear view >>More

7 August 2013    Iceberg Lake

Chillin' at the lake on a hot august day >>More

4 August 2013    Piegan Pass

Our next hike has great views and gentler wildlife >>More

29 July 2013    Wildlife Encounters

We survive (bearly) our next set of hikes >>More

28 July 2013    Serious Hiking

We dodge bad weather and do a hard climb >>More

27 July 2013    Heading for the Mountains

Our hiking trip starts as a shopping trip >>More

25 July 2013    Back to da Old Country - Madison

Game stores and a trip to the veterans museum >>More

14 July 2013    Back to da Old Country - Chicago

The lake front, a museum, and lots of italian food >>More

11 July 2013    Back to da Old Country - Milwaukee

Family pictures and a Rush concert at Summerfest >>More

2 Apr 2013    New Wave Wargaming

A twentyfirst century approach to gaming the sixteenth century >>More

30 Mar 2013    Natural Bridges National Monument

Our last hike is at a remote park on a remote highway >>More

27 Mar 2013    Kane Gulch to Grand Gulch

We explore thousand year old Anasazi ruins >>More

24 Mar 2013    Travel Day - Monument Valley and Blanding

We take an easy day to travel to Utah >>More

23 Mar 2013    Grand Canyon Day 2

We do an excellent hike along the canyon rim >>More

18 Mar 2013    Spring Break 2013 - To the Grand Canyon

Sandy and I take a week off and head for canyon country >>More

7 Mar 2013    Clarksville Holliday Visit 2013

I spend a week visiting Tim, Shannon and the (new) grandkids >>More