DogBlog 2016 posts

31 December 2016    Back Home

After our trip to Kauai we come home to winter >>More

30 December 2016    Hanalei Bay

We take a trip to the wild north side of Kauai >>More

29 December 2016    Switching Hotels

"We're movin' on up, to the east side..." >>More

28 December 2016    Wailua Falls

We preview the east side of Kauai >>More

23 December 2016    Waimea Canyon

We explore the southern half of Kauai >>More

21 December 2016    Hawaii Vacation Deal

When something seems to good to be true it probably is >>More

4 December 2016    Abby's Treasure

Abby brings home a special treasure on one of our walks >>More

30 November 2016    My Old Backpacking Tent

At first Abby doesn't know what to make of it >>More

28 November 2016    BottosCon 2016

My annual trip to Vancouver BC for a wargame convention >>More

19 November 2016    Halloween

Abby has trouble getting into the Halloween spirit >>More

18 November 2016    Flathead Lake

Sandy takes a quilting class and my hiking is rained out >>More

21 October 2016    Hell Roaring Lake

Back from the coast, I take a hike in the Sawtooths with Abby >>More

20 October 2016    Visiting Mom

I visit my mom in Couer d'Alene on our way home >>More

19 October 2016    Ecola State Park

We finish our trip with a hike by the ocean >>More

17 October 2016    Saddle Mountain

We climb a mountain in the Oregon Coast Range >>More

16 October 2016    Cannon Beach

We take a trip to the Oregon Coast for Sandy's birthday >>More

5 October 2016    Big Abby Visit

Abby's sister comes to our house to play >>More

4 September 2016    Big Abby's Birthday Party

Abby helps her sister celebrate her third birthday >>More

3 September 2016    Coming Home

We have a relaxing (and fun) trip home >>More

1 September 2016    Whistler - High Notes Trail

We do a world class hike in the Pacific Coast Range >>More

28 August 2016    Mt. Hood

We start our trip to Canada by going to...Oregon? >>More

20 August 2016    Blackbird Graphics Upgrade

I upgrade my Blackbird to be smokin' hot again >>More

19 August 2016    Abby Get's Shitfaced

Dog. Seriously. What were you thinking? >>More

17 August 2016    Table Mountain

I do another hike while Sandy goes to quilting class >>More

15 August 2016    Black Canyon of the Gunnison

We visit a national park on our travel day >>More

12 August 2016    Ice Lake

Our best hike on the Colorado trip >>More

8 August 2016    Back in the Saddle Again

I interrupt posts about Colorado for the return of WLDRYD >>More

4 August 2016    Ouray and Telluride Ouray

We play tourist in a couple of mountain towns >>More

3 August 2016    Upper Cascade Falls Trail

Our first hike on a weeklong trip to Colorado >>More

22 July 2016    Goat Lake

Devin and I do one more hike in the Sawtooths >>More

21 July 2016    Bench Lakes

Sandy joins us for our second hike >>More

20 July 2016    Pioneer Cabin

I take the Finley's to hike in some real mountains >>More

19 July 2016    Hiking at Bogus Basin

Abby and I take our out-of-town guests hiking - twice >>More

18 July 2016    Wine Tasting

We tour the Idaho Wine Country witht the Finley's >>More

17 July 2016    Warhawk Museum

The Finley's and I visit a local aviation museum >>More

16 July 2016    Sawtooth Lake

A hiking trip to the Sawtooths with Shannon and Jimmy >>More

12 July 2016    Consimworld Expo 2016

I start my retirement with a week of wargaming >>More

29 June 2016    Retirement, Take Two

I retire (again) after five years with U of I >>More

28 June 2016    Craig Chaquico Concert

A quick trip to Reno on my last weekend before retirement >>More

20 June 2016    The Blonde Wolf

The only post I ever made that I didn't write anything >>More

26 May 2016    Abby's Hurt Paw

Kids always get scratches and scrapes when they play >>More

25 May 2016    Ivan's Last Day

An ominous sounding title for a post >>More

6 May 2016    GMT Weekend Spring 2016

A long weekend doing nothing but playing wargames >>More

29 April 2016    Abby's School Picture

Abby gets her picture taken at school like any other kid >>More

1 April 2016    Happy Birthday Abby

We celebrate Abby's second birthday. >>More

31 March 2016    Playtesting a new wargame

I get to play the new COIN game before it comes out >>More

28 March 2016    Monster Wargame

The biggest monster wargame I have ever bought >>More

26 March 2016    Island Excursions

We explore Grand Cayman away from Seven Mile Beach >>More

13 February 2016    Barefoot Man

A Grand Cayman institution >>More

12 February 2016    Walking on the Beach

That's how we spent a lot of our time on this trip >>More

1 February 2016    Grand Cayman 2016

We start Sandy's retirement with a tropical trip >>More

29 January 2016    Abby the Wargamer

Sandy, Abby and I play a wargame...each in our own way >>More