DogBlog 2014 posts

35 December 2014    BottosCon 2014

It's four days after New Years but this belongs in 2014 >>More

29 December 2014    Abby's First Christmas

Christmas is the most fun with little kids >>More

16 December 2014    Abby x2

No what are the chances of that? >>More

15 December 2014    USS Wisconsin

More history as we visit a retired battleship >>More

12 December 2014    Colonial National Historic Park

A Revolutionary War battlesite and an early American settlement >>More

14 November 2014    Abby - First Snowfall

Abby has a blast the first time that it snows >>More

11 November 2014    Virginia Beach

Even better than a wargame convention >>More

18 October 2014    Alice Lake

Another friend does his first hike in the Sawtooths >>More

16 September 2014    Alpine Peak

I do a major Sawtooth summit >>More

14 September 2014    Abby's Surgery

Abby is too tough for her own good >>More

4 September 2014    Bench Lake

Pappy Ivan does his first hike in the Sawtooths >>More

1 September 2014    Goat Rocks Wilderness - Snowgrass Flats

Lots of people, lots of flowers, and a near disaster >>More

22 August 2014    Goat Rocks Wilderness - Packwood Lake

A moderate hike and a night on the town in Packwood >>More

10 August 2014    Abby's First Hike - Table Rock

I think she is going to be a real Mountain Mutt >>More

3 August 2014    Olympic National Park - Mt. Ellinor

A short but steep hike to a fantastic viewpoint >>More

2 August 2014    Olympic National Park - Upper Lena Lake

A long, hard hike >>More

30 July 2014    Olympic National Park - Grand Valley

I do a hike upside down >>More

28 July 2014    The Other Dog

Abby may be cute but she shows her aggressive side >>More

27 July 2014    Eagle Cap Wilderness - Twin Peaks

I don't mean the TV show. Or the restaurant. >>More

26 July 2014    Eagle Cap Wilderness - Aneroid Lake

I haven't hiked here for over thirty years >>More

25 July 2014    Getting Bigger

Gone for a week and Abby had grown when we got back >>More

24 July 2014    Vancouver Island - Not Hiking

We did do other stuff on our trip >>More

23 July 2014    Vancouver Island - Paradise Meadows

Our luck with the weather doesn't hold forever >>More

22 July 2014    Vancouver Island - Ripple Rock Hike

No, we didn't take cheap wine to drink on the trail >>More

21 July 2014    Vancouver Island - Strathcona Provincial Park

These are the mountains that I came to see >>More

18 July 2014    Vancouver Island - Take Two

We start a ten day trip to Vancouver Island >>More

13 July 2014    Four Weeks

Abby's been living with us four weeks now >>More

10 July 2014    Peru - Wrapping It Up

Aguas Calientes, Lima and riding trains and planes >>More

9 July 2014    Peru - Machu Picchu

One of the most incredible places on Earth >>More

8 July 2014    Peru - A Distant View

We finally see our destination...Machu Picchu >>More

7 July 2014    Peru - It Ain't Over Till It's Over

There are still two days of hiking left >>More

6 July 2014    Peru - Pachamanca: Peruvian-style barbecue

The roast guinea pig tastes like CHEE-ken >>More

5 July 2014    Peru - Descending from the high country

We have a (relatively) easy day of hiking >>More

2 July 2014    Peru - Salkantay Pass

A very long post about a very long day >>More

22 June 2014    Peru - Salkantay Lodge

What we do in the evening after our hikes >>More

21 June 2014    Peru - Humantay Lake

This hike is as good as it gets. >>More

18 June 2014    Peru - Starting the Trek

We're hiking in the Andes! >>More

17 June 2014    Peru - Joining the Group

Back to Peru posts - we head for the mountains >>More

16 June 2014    Dog v2.0

I interrupt the Peru posts - we bring Abby home >>More

15 June 2014    Peru - Saqsaywaman

I thought we were going to see a "Sexy Woman" >>More

14 June 2014    Peru - Cusco

We visit the capital of the ancient Inca Empire >>More

13 June 2014    Peru - Getting There

Checking an item off our bucket list >>More

8 June 2014    Boise Peak

A long, hard hike >>More

7 June 2014    Utah Trip - Horseshoe Canyon Rock Art

It's like the Louvre in the wilderness >>More

17 May 2014    Utah Trip - Delicate Arch Sunset

A spectacular end to a spectacular day >>More

16 May 2014    Utah Trip - Little Wildhorse and Bell Canyons

Slot Canyons for Dummies >>More

15 May 2014    Puppy Visit

We visit Abby before we leave for South America >>More

14 May 2014    SW Oregon - part 2

A mountain climb, wineries, historic towns and Craig Chaquico >>More

12 May 2014    SW Oregon - part 1

A three day weekend trip to to Southwestern Oregon >>More

11 May 2014    Mother's Day 2014

An afternoon at the winery with friends >>More

10 May 2014    Summerville, South Carolina

Visiting Mickey and family on spring break >>More

30 April 2014    We Meet Abby

Abby who? Abby Normal. >>More

24 April 2014    National Museum of the Mighty Eighth Air Force

A rainy day visit to a fascinating museum >>More

22 April 2014    Hilton Head

We start our visit to South Carolina along the coast >>More

20 April 2014    Hiking Up Table Rock - Again

I do a repeat of the day before with Sandy and MB >>More

19 April 2014    A Spring Hike Up Table Rock

Doing a local hike on a beautiful spring day >>More

18 April 2014    Galley Bay Resort

How we spent our Antigua vacation >>More

16 February 2014    Winter Getaway - Antigua

Sandy and I are sick of winter and head for the Caribbean >>More