DogBlog 2017 posts

6 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt2: Flying to Lukla

...NOT!!! >>More

3 Dec 2017    Nepal Pt1: Going Halfway Around the World

A funny thing happened on the way to Patagonia >>More

2 Dec 2017    Mickey and Allie Visit

Mickey and his girlfriend pay a visit to Idaho >>More

6 Nov 2017    The Great American Eclipse

The chance of a lifetime to see a total solar eclipse >>More

29 Oct 2017    Visit To Mad City

Sandy and I go back to Madison for a family visit >>More

15 Sept 2017    Night Hike

Abby and I escape the heat on a night hike at Bogus Basin >>More

14 Sept 2017    Cascade Pass

I do the most famous hike in North Cascades National Park, again >>More

6 Sept 2017    Excelsior Mountain

After wargaming in Seattle I do a hike in the North Cascades >>More

23 Aug 2017    GameOn Summer Session

I attend a weekend wargame convention in the Seattle area >>More

22 Aug 2017    Redwood National Park

For our last hike we go to the Tall Trees Grove >>More

21 Aug 2017    Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park

Another day of hiking in the big trees >>More

27 July 2017    Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park

Our first day of hiking in the redwoods >>More

15 July 2017    Crescent City

Sandy and I take a trip to Northern California >>More

9 July 2017    Stack Rock

I try to repeat a popular climb from my youth >>More

3 July 2017    Jump Creek Falls

After all my trips I finally do a local hike >>More

2 July 2017    Touring Yellowstone National Park

It's been over forty years since my last visit >>More

29 June 2017    Old Faithful

and I'm not talking about me >>More

28 June 2017    Jackson Lake Lodge

We spend a night in Grand Teton National Park >>More

27 June 2017    Jackson Hole and Jenny Lake

We take a trip to the Tetons with Shannon and Jimmy >>More

26 June 2017    A Lotta Lab Love

A hundred and seventy pounds, to be exact >>More

25 June 2017    Home From CSWE With A Stop In Canyonlands

I did a nice hike in the Needles District on my way home >>More

24 June 2017    Consimworld Expo pt3 - More Than Playing Games

Final post on CSWE >>More

23 June 2017    Consimworld Expo pt2 - Counterinsurgency (mostly)

Picking up CSWE again, the games I played the last four days >>More

18 June 2017    Father's Day

We do a hike up Table Rock to celebrate Father's Day >>More

17 June 2017    One Year of Retirement

Today is the first anniversary of my last day of work at U of I >>More

16 June 2017    Three Years With Abby

Today is the third anniversary of when Abby came to live with us >>More

15 June 2017    Consimworld Expo pt1 - East Front Fest

I spend the first four days of CSWE playing East Front games >>More

14 June 2017    Driving to Consimworld Expo

I stop at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon on the way >>More

13 June 2017    Yosemite Falls Hike and Half Dome Memories

A beautiful day of hiking where I get nostalgic >>More

11 June 2017    Yosemite Valley and the Mist Trail

Sandy and I take a trip to the Incomparable Valley >>More

10 June 2017    First Time

...playing golf this season, and other important firsts >>More

8 June 2017    GMT Weekend - Spring 2017

My usual biannual pilgrimage to GMT headquarters >>More

7 June 2017    Playtesting the Seven Years War

Trying out a new game from GMT on the Seven Years War >>More

6 June 2017    Grand Wash

Our last hike in Capitol Reef National Park >>More

24 May 2017    Rim Overlook

Sandy and I do a hike on our own >>More

22 May 2017    Frying Pan Trail and Cassidy Arch

A hiking trip to Capitol Reef National Park with a friend >>More

21 May 2017    The Opposite of Deja Vu

A long, serious post that took a month to write. TLDR is ok. >>More

16 April 2017    NZ pt8 - Final Hikes

We finish up our New Zealand trip with a couple of day hikes >>More

9 April 2017    NZ pt7 - Taking A Rest Day

We spend a day shopping and tasting wines >>More

8 April 2017    NZ pt6 - Finishing The Routeburn Track

Another great day on the Routeburn Track >>More

7 April 2017    NZ pt5 - Harris Saddle

The high point of our trip, literally and figuratively >>More

6 April 2017    NZ pt4 - Starting The Routeburn Track

Fine weather for our first day on the Routeburn >>More

1 April 2017    NZ pt3 - Getting Ready For The Big Hike

The weather is improving just before we start the Routeburn >>More

31 March 2017    Interlude - The Home Front

Abby causes a lot of mischief while we are gone >>More

30 March 2017    NZ pt2 - Te Anau

We make the best of a couple of rainy/cloudy days >>More

23 March 2017    NZ pt1 - Getting There

A two week trip to one of my favorite countries >>More

5 March 2017    Delicate Arch (again)

I finish up my Moab trip with a hike to Delicate Arch >>More

4 March 2017    Fiery Furnace

You are in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike >>More

1 March 2017    Longbow Arch

It takes two posts to cover everything I did my first day >>More

25 February 2017    Corona Arch

After a long winter I go to Moab for some hiking >>More

10 January 2017    Snow, Snow and More Snow

Boise gets a record amount of snow on the ground >>More

2 January 2017    Winter

I might not like winter but Abby sure does >>More