DogBlog 2015 posts

31 December 2015    Merry Christmas

Sandy, Abby and I enjoy a nice Christmas season >>More

26 December 2015    BottosCon 2015

Wargame convention in Vancouver, BC >>More

11 December 2015    GMT weekend Fall 2015

I play wargames and experience real cyberwarfare >>More

4 December 2015    Dave's Lake

Abby and I do a Sawtooth hike with a friend >>More

12 November 2015    Horton Peak

Abby does her first summit in the White Clouds >>More

10 November 2015    Sawtooth Lake

I take Abby on her first hike in real wilderness >>More

9 November 2015    Touring the Snake River Wine Country

Sandy and I go on a local wine tour with some friends >>More

4 November 2015    Stack Rock

Abby and I hike to an old rock climbing destination >>More

3 November 2015    The Pack Hikes Bogus Basin

Abby and I talk Sandy into taking a hike with us >>More

2 November 2015    Halloween

Abby gets into the spirit of the holiday >>More

31 October 2015    Rush Concert - Take Two

I get another Last Chance to see Rush >>More

30 October 2015    Big Pine Lake

My last hike is in the John Muir Wilderness >>More

29 October 2015    Thousand Island Lake

An awesome hike in the Ansel Adams Wilderness >>More

28 October 2015    Cathedral Lakes

I'm just back from Europe so it's time to leave on a hiking trip >>More

27 October 2015    Lucky Peak

Abby and I try a hard hike to the top of Lucky Peak >>More

25 October 2015    Not the Dolomites

I'm back from Europe so I try a real hike with Abby >>More

25 October 2015    Venice

We finish off our trip to Europe with a couple of days in Venice >>More

23 October 2015    Alps11 - Monte Faloria to Passo Tre Croce

Our last hike in the Dolomites is a fitting finale >>More

13 October 2015    Alps10 - Cinque Torri

The "refuge in the clouds" lives up to its name >>More

10 October 2015    Alps9 - Heading to Cortina

We do an easier hike on our way to a new town >>More

9 October 2015    Alps8 - Via Ferrata

After many years I finally get a chance to do a via ferrata >>More

2 October 2015    Alps7 - A (Mostly) Cloudy Day Hike

The weather threatens but holds off >>More

1 October 2015    Alps6 - Italian Dolomites

We start our trip with CustomWalks >>More

29 September 2015    Alps5 - Lienzer Dolomites

The weather clears and our last hike in Austria is our best >>More

19 September 2015    Alps4 - Rainy Days

Some bad weather but at least we get a chance to rest >>More

17 September 2015    Alps3 - Drive By Hiking

We move to a new base and do a good hike on the way >>More

16 September 2015    Alps2 - Mayrhofen

How we beat the heat >>More

15 September 2015    Alps1 - Getting Into The Mountains

When I'm feeling badly the mountains are the best place to be >>More

10 September 2015    ConsimWorld Expo 2015

An entire week of wargaming goodness >>More

9 September 2015    Angel's Landing - Again

I practice for doing a via ferrata in the Italian Dolomites >>More

4 September 2015    Hill Aerospace Museum

I get to see lots of historic aircraft >>More

24 August 2015    Road Trip 5 - Charleston

Baseball is going to the dogs >>More

20 August 2015    Road Trip 4 - Ft. Sumter

Exploring Civil War history >>More

16 August 2015    Road Trip 3 - Kennedy Space Center

We visit the home of America's space program >>More

15 August 2015    Road Trip 2 - Rush Concert

The high point of the trip - the Rush R40 Tour concert >>More

14 August 2015    Road Trip 1 - Atlanta

Mickey and I start a road trip, just like the good old days >>More

11 August 2015    Milwaukee - A Trip Back In Time

Caution - the video clips take a long time to download >>More

4 August 2015    Madison - Eightieth Birthday Party

Back to the midwest for a party for Sandy's mom >>More

28 April 2015    Peekaboo

The best slickrock hike I've ever done >>More

22 April 2015    The Needles - Canyonlands National Park

Sandy and I do a good hike to start our spring break trip >>More

6 April 2015    Abby and I Watch Cosmos

Abby has a strong opinion on Sagan vs deGrasse Tyson >>More

4 April 2015    Scout Lookout

Summer weather and summer crowds on a winter trip to Zion >>More

29 March 2015    President's Day Weekend in Zion National Park

Summerlike weather on a rare winter trip to Zion >>More

13 February 2015    Abby Vandal

Abby and I watch the Fiesta Bowl >>More