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26 July 09    The End

Th...Th...Th...That's All Folks! >>More

4 July 09    When Pigs Can Fly

or something equally unlikely. >>More

27 June 09    Darth Dog Returns

Laney and I drive from Madison back to Boise. >>More

18 June 09    A Repeat Customer

Mary Beth is the only person to make a second visit to Singapore. >>More

12 June 09    Kathmandu

Hanging out with friends before nearly missing my flight home. >>More

11 June 09    Home Stretch

The title says it all. >>More

9 June 09    Improvisational Mountaineering

A really long post about a couple of really long days. >>More

1 June 09    Hard Hiking

It takes three days of long hard climbing to reach the Gosaikund Lakes. >>More

31 May 09    Gosaikund Lakes

I get to enjoy Nepali Happy Hour - 10 am. >>More

5 May 09    Getting High hard work! >>More

3 May 09    Langtang Valley

We start to get to the good stuff. >>More

30 April 09    Back in the Himalaya

It's good to start hiking. >>More

7 March 09    It's Like Deja Vu All Over Again

...with apologies to Yogi Berra. >>More

3 March 09    The Last Trip

Sounds kind of ominous. >>More

7 February 09    Nelson, Abel Tasman NP and Marlborough

We drink some wine and take a water taxi home. >>More

29 January 09    Milford Sound and on to Westland

Our hike is over and we indulge in some lazy tourism. >>More

28 January 09    Home Stretch

The last day on the Milford Track. >>More

25 January 09    MacKinnon Pass

We win the weather lottery. >>More

24 January 09    Starting The Real Hiking

Our first full day of hiking. And sandflies. >>More

23 January 09    Milford Track

The Finest Walk In The World. >>More

22 January 09    Back to New Zealand

We enjoyed our trip there so much last year that we had to go back. >>More

21 January 09    Visiting The Arctic

PFC in Wisconsin (and I don't mean Private First Class). >>More

20 January 09    Visiting Tim

I visited Tim on my trip to the US over the holidays. >>More

2 January 09    Nepal Photos

Just lots of additional pictures from my trip to Nepal.
WARNING: This page may take a long time to load. >>More

3 December 08    Playing Tourist

I spend a few days in Pokhara and Kathmandu after the trek. >>More

2 December 08    Day 10-12 Heading Back To Civilazation

I finish the trek ahead of schedule. >>More

1 December 08    Day 7-9 Annapurna Sanctuary

Getting here was the whole point of the trek. >>More

30 November 08    Day 6 Chomrong Village

I see myself in an alternate reality. >>More

28 November 08    I'd Like To Introduce The Guys In The Band

There were actually seven people on my "solo" trek. >>More

26 November 08    Day 5 Joining The Crowds

No more wilderness solitude. But I do get to take a shower. >>More

19 November 08    A Typical Day On The Trek

So how did you do, well, you know. >>More

17 November 08    Days 3-4 Remote Trekking

The most spectacular mountains in the world and they're just for us. >>More

16 November 08    Days 1-2 Starting The Trek

I'm in Nepal - let's get into the mountains. >>More

6 November 08    Nepal 08 - Getting There not half the fun. >>More

5 November 08    Nepal 08 - Organizing The Trip

I get to make the trip of a lifetime - for the second time. >>More

5 October 08    Bali - Island Of 1000 Temples

We didn't just lie on the beach the whole time. >>More

27 September 08    Road To Bali

We celebrate Sandy's birthday week on an exotic tropical island. >>More

18 September 08    Cambodia Trip Wrapup

Shopping...and bats. >>More

17 September 08    Khmer Rouge

The modern history of Cambodia is terrifying and tragic. >>More

11 September 08    Khmer Empire

The greatest civilization you never heard about. >>More

28 August 08    Cambodia - An Unexpected Destination

I never had any interest in visiting Cambodia but it was fantastic. >>More

19 August 08    Da Bears - Visiting my brother in Illinois

I hope I don't turn into a Cubs fan. >>More

18 August 08    Boise 08

A very short post about a very short visit. >>More

18 August 08    Sawtooth Mountains

A couple of old mountain men hike to Sawtooth Lake. >>More

28 July 08    Milwaukee - Hanging with Mickey

I meet up with Mickey in Wisconsin for a week before he leaves for the Army. >>More

13 July 08    China pt9 - The End (finally)

I bet you thought I was going to do blog posts about China forever. >>More

12 July 08    China pt8 - To Buy or Not To Buy

The Terracotta Warriors are a tough act to follow. >>More

3 July 08    China pt7 - Terracotta Warriors

We see First Emperor Qin Shi Huang's army from 2200 years ago. >>More

30 June 08    China pt6 - Xian: Ancient Capital of China

We move on to Xian, a city rich in history. >>More

26 June 08    China pt5 - Bye Bye Beijing

I post about our vacation in China while I'm on vacation in the US. Confused? Well so am I. >>More

18 June 08    China pt4 - Red Capital Ranch

A Manchurian lodge in China run by Tibetans. >>More

17 June 08    China pt3 - Great Wall

Visiting one of the Seven Wonders of the world >>More

16 June 08    China pt2 - Beijing

Tiananmen Square, Forbidden City, Temple of Heaven, and shopping >>More

15 June 08    China pt1 - Getting there

A man walks into a restaurant with a (Peking) duck... >>More

2 June 08    Po Chiak Keng Temple

A visit to a small temple which I found by accident on a back street. >>More

26 May 08    Shopping in Singapore

After all - it is the national sport. >>More

5 May 08    Blackbird

I finally do a writeup on my new PC. >>More

3 May 08    Wargames

Probably only Tim will be able to make sense of this post.
UPDATED 5 May 08 - I forgot something really important. >>More

24 April 08    More on MBA's Visit

Her guest posts were good but I tell what really happened. >>More

21 April 08    MBA's Visit part 2

MBA puts me to shame with the number of links in her post. >>More

20 April 08    MBA's Visit part 1

A guest post from Mary Beth on her visit to Singapore. >>More

17 March 08    Bintan Resort

More than a year in Singapore and we finally go to Indonesia. >>More

14 March 08    Western Australia 2008 part 4

Big trees. Small mountains. Wild dolphins. And Freo. >>More

4 March 08    Western Australia 2008 part 3

We went to Australia but ended up touring Denmark. >>More

24 February 08    Western Australia 2008 part 2

I said wine dogs, not whiney dogs. I said Dog Rock, not dogs rock. >>More

18 February 08    Western Australia 2008 part 1

Our vacation starts with a five hour flight on a plane full of rowdy teenagers >>More

6 February 08    New Zealand 2008 part 4

Just made it - last post on New Zealand trip barely done before we leave for Australia >>More

1 February 08    New Zealand 2008 part 3

Thought I'd never get this post done - playing too much Titan Quest >>More

17 January 08    New Zealand 2008 part 2

Mt. Cook National Park >>More

15 January 08    New Zealand 2008 part 1

Walking around Christchurch - The Garden City >>More

28 December 07    Lynn's Singapore Visit Blog

Lynn's not going to let Dan have the last word >>More

25 December 07    Dan's Singapore Visit Blog

A guest post by Dan on the Finley family's Christmas in Singapore. >>More

24 December 07    Company for Christmas

The Finley Family comes to Singapore to spend Christmas in shorts, tshirts and flip flops. >>More

23 December 07    Computer Wars

Warning: Contains graphic images of the inside of a PC and lots of techie talk. Definitely not for the squeamish. >>More

13 December 07    Tearin' It Up

...and burnin' it down. >>More

12 December 07    Quiet spell

A boring post. But hey - it's been a while. >>More

15 November 07    Deepavali - The Festival of Light

Happy Deepavali to everyone! >>More

22 October 07    Australia vacation - part last

Back in Sydney. It's like deja vu. It's like deja vu. >>More

21 October 07    Australia vacation - part 4

Hiking down and up in the Blue Mountains >>More

20 October 07    Australia vacation - part 3

Shooing flies and seeing stars. >>More

18 October 07    Australia vacation - part 2

Looking for koalas and kangaroos in the wild. I wonder if roadkill counts. >>More

16 October 07    Australia vacation - part 1

Q. Why is an opera house like a bridge? A. Because it's a famous landmark in Sydney. >>More

30 September 07    Trip to the US - part 3

Baseball and Polish Spaghetti - it doesn't get any better. >>More

13 September 07    Shake, Rattle and Roll

Several major earthquakes hit Indonesia and are felt in Singapore. >>More

10 September 07    Trip to the US - part 2

Laney is the same as ever. >>More

9 September 07    Trip to the US - part 1

Finally posting details from our trip to the US this summer. I'll start with my adventures in IT. >>More

6 September 07    Mountaineering in Singapore

I hiked up Bukit Timah, the highest point in Singapore. >>More

14 August 07    Hiking along the East Coast Parkway

Today I went for a long hike along the beach. >>More

12 August 07    Summer Travels

We went all around the world this summer and all I got is this crummy jetlag. >>More

6 July 07    Vacation in France

We spent two weeks in France hiking in Provence and touring the city of Paris >>More

14 June 07    Tim's graduation and commissioning

In May, Tim graduated from the University of Idaho and was commissioned as a second lieutenant in the US Army. >>More

13 June 07    Trip to Langkawi

We took a trip to Langkawi Island. I added a photo gallery feature so I can include more pictures. >>More

9 June 07    Tim visit part 5

Everybody who visits Singapore goes to Sentosa. >>More

6 June 07    Tim visit part 4

Brew pubs, souvenirs and wargaming. >>More

3 June 07    Tim visit part 3

Important stuff - shopping for computers, games and t-shirts. >>More

25 May 07    Tim visit part 2

Tim and I took a daytrip into Malaysia. >>More

21 May 07    Tim visit part 1

Tim comes to visit us in Singapore. >>More

4 May 07    Another guest post by Ed

Continuation of the Lawry's adventures on their visit to Singapore. >>More

3 May 07    I can't believe that I like Vista

Enough of this tourist stuff. Let's talk about computers. >>More

28 Apr 07    Another guest post

Jan gets her turn to tell about their visit to Singapore. >>More

21 Apr 07    New visitors to Singapore

Guest post by Ed on the first few days of their visit to Singapore. >>More

20 Apr 07    Sandy's trip to the US

Guest post by Sandy on her trip back to the US. She visited San Diego for work and Madison for fun. >>More

31 Mar 07    Reverse Bungy

Shannon challenged Mickey to ride the GMax Reverse Bungy. I was dumb enough to go along. >>More

29 Mar 07    Night Safari

The Singapore Zoo has a unique night tour. Mickey leads the way. >>More

26 Mar 07    Really creepy!!!

Mickey, Shannon and Steve try to out dare each other on a trip to Sentosa Island. >>More

25 Mar 07    Our first visitor!!!

Congratualations to Mickey. He was brave enough to make the long trip to be our first ever visitor in Singapore. >>More

19 Mar 07    Retrospective - high above Singapore

To celebrate Shannon's birthday, we had dinner at the top of one of the tallest buildings in Singapore. >>More

11 Mar 07    Singapore Virtual Tour

A tour of the city illustrated by a series of paintings of Singapore scenes and landmarks. >>More

4 Mar 07    Special Guest Post

Here is something different. A special guest post by Shannon on her trip to New Zealand. >>More

23 Feb 07    Retrospective - getting our surface shipment

At the time I was too busy with unpacking from the move and getting ready for our trips. So I am looking back two weeks with this one. >>More

21 Feb 07    CNY

Western chauvinists who think it isn't a big deal can skip this one. Otherwise, check it out to learn more. >>More

20 Feb 07    Phuket, Thailand - our first trip from our base in Singapore.

Sandy and I spent almost a week on Phuket, so there are lots of pictures. I just added it to the DarthDog Family Photos page. >>More

8 Feb 07    My first day off - exploring the Marina area.

We've been here a whole month. Things have been busy, so yesterday was the first time that I took a whole day off to go exploring >>More

5 Feb 07    First entry - it's been almost one month.

The day after tomorrow will be exactly one month from when we arrived. Seems like a long time already. It has taken way too long to get this blog started, so lets get it going. >>More