DogBlog 2010 posts

5 November 2010    One More Time

I thought that I was done hiking in the mountains this season. >>More

26 October 2010    Thompson Peak Attempt

The word "attempt" in the title should be a big hint. >>More

14 October 2010    Wargames - GMT weekend fall 2010

I attend a four day wargaming event at GMT games. >>More

13 October 2010    Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks

I explore two national parks - when I'm not wargaming that is. >>More

7 October 2010    Into The Vortex

My fancy DSLR camera doesn't have a setting for "vortex". >>More

3 October 2010    Sedona Hiking

Another nearly real time post about our hike today. >>More

2 October 2010    Sedona Jazz Festival

Actual live blogging - this is what we did today. >>More

30 September 2010    Sandy's Further Travels

Sounds like she's humming "Walk like an Egyptian". >>More

28 September 2010    Barcelona

We're back to civilization. >>More

21 September 2010    Heading Back

Our time's up in the mountains. Now we head back to Barcelona. >>More

20 September 2010    Hiking to the Breche du Roland

A perfect day in the mountains. It doesn't get anybetter than this. >>More

19 September 2010    French Pyrenees

We travel to the French side. What wine goes with mountains? >>More

16 September 2010    Spanish Pyrenees

The rain in Spain falls main-ly >>More

3 September 2010    Granite Peak

A post about my 1.2 hikes up Granite Peak >>More

2 September 2010    Boulder Lake

It's about time I posted something! Anything! >>More