DogBlog 2012 posts

15 Dec 2012    Canyon Country Fall 2012

Sandy and I visit Utah to go hiking and furniture shopping >>More

4 Nov 2012    Mike's Visit - pt2

Smoke on the water - at Sawtooth Lake anyway >>More

16 Oct 2012    Mike's Visit - pt1

My brother Mike comes to visit me and the mountains >>More

27 Aug 2012    Mt. Nebo

My nephew Devin comes to visit and we climb a peak >>More

20 Aug 2012    Climbing Plummer Peak

Sandy and I do a good scramble peak >>More

19 Aug 2012    Flower Power

Sandy and I go back to Mt. Rainier National Park >>More

18 Aug 2012    Mt. Rainier Mad Dash

I finish the Mad Dash by doing a hard scramble peak >>More

15 Aug 2012    Mt. Rainier Mad Dash

Only home a week and I have to get back in the mountains >>More

10 Aug 2012    Alps pt10 - Last Hike and Trip Home

All good things have to come to an end >>More

8 Aug 2012    Alps pt9 - Gspon High Trail

If one is good two are better - another high trail >>More

3 Aug 2012    Alps pt8 - Almageller Alp high trail

We hike one of the classic Saas Fee high trails >>More

1 Aug 2012    Alps pt7 - Britannia Hut

We hike to another place from my climbing past >>More

31 July 2012    Alps pt6 - Val D'Herens and Arolla

A short excursion to a remote Swiss valley >>More

28 July 2012    Alps pt5 - Zmutt valley

Our last hiking day in Zermatt is spectacular >>More

27 July 2012    Alps pt4 - Summit of the Oberrothorn

We finish off a summit that we missed last year >>More

26 July 2012    Alps pt3 - Hornli Hut

We hike to the climbers hut high on the Matterhorn >>More

25 July 2012    Alps pt2 - Glacier Express

From St. Moritz to Zermatt on a world famous train >>More

24 July 2012    Alps pt1 - A Slow Start

We have lots of headaches on our way to the Alps. >>More

17 July 2012    Sawtooth Lake - Final warmup

I manage to really screw up on an old familiar trail. >>More

7 July 2012    Sierra pt3 - Sabrina Basin

Just another hike to a beautiful high mountain lake. Ho hum. >>More

6 July 2012    Sierra pt2 - Chocolate Lakes and Peak

Sandy couldn't resist anything named "Chocolate" >>More

5 July 2012    Sierra pt1 - Yosemite

We start our trip to the Sierras with a hike in Yosemite NP >>More

27 June 2012    Mickey family visit May 2012

A trip to Boise before his second deployment to Afghanistan >>More

23 June 2012    Saturday afternoon hiking - Deer Point

Just a hike in the local mountains >>More

22 June 2012    Moab Hiking part2 - Dead Horse State Park

A Canyonlands hike that isn't in Canyonlands >>More

13 June 2012    Moab Hiking part1 - Arches National Park

Sandy and I spend a long weekend in canyon country >>More

29 May 2012    Zion Hiking 2012

My first hiking trip of the season...with flashbacks to 2010 >>More

6 May 2012    Texas Visit

I visit Mickey's family in Killeen >>More

1 May 2012    Extreme PC rebuild

No one will read this whole post >>More

21 Jan 2012    Laney Lipo

Laney has some minor surgery >>More