Abby's First Hike - Table Rock

The pack takes a rest after reaching the top

Abby has been growing. She keeps getting bigger, and stronger. She is doing better when we take her for walks in our neighborhood. She even rides very well in the car, something that was a real problem with Laney. We decided that it was time to take her for a real hike. Even though it was Sunday, we were up early (guess why). Our original plan was to go to Bogus Basin, but since it was early and still pretty cool we changed our minds enroute and went to Table Rock.

It's a mile and a half and about 800 feet of elevation gain, so it is some work. Even though it was cool (low seventies) both Sandy and I were sweating pretty good by the time we reached the top. Abby did fine. There were lots of people (she had to greet them all) and dogs (she behaved very well). We had her on a long leash and she really seemed to enjoy being out in the hills, more than just her walks in the neighborhood. I think she is definitely going to be a mountain mutt. I see lots of hiking in her future.

On the way home we stopped at Westside Drive Inn and the three of us had brunch. Abby really likes french fries.