Getting Bigger

Abby shares a joke with her new friend

Abby keeps getting bigger every day. It is very pronounced when you don't see her for a while. Several of our friends who have met Abby have come over a week or two later and commented on how much she seemed to have grown. Really? Well it happened to us now too. We were gone for just a week on our trip to Vancouver Island and sure enough, when we got home she seemed to have visibly grown.

Before she used to look like a puppy. Now she looks like a young dog.

She is definitely getting bigger and stronger. The day after we got back from our trip was the first time that Abby jumped up onto our bed by herself. There was a stuffed dog that I had gotten for Sandy sitting on the bed. Abby noticed it and I saw her get ready to make a jump. Her hind legs didn't quite make it all the way but with a little scrambling she was up, all on her own. She was able to jump down on her own too. Yup. She is getting to be a big girl.