The Other Dog

Abby wants to know who the new kid is

Abby is going to be a good watch dog. She has already gotten protective about our house and yard. She barks at any strange noises or activity nearby. She seems to be especially wary of other dogs.

But she is easily fooled. I thought that dogs went primarily by smell, then by sound, then lastly by sight. That's why dogs never pay much attention to tv. They don't bother with the images because they don't smell anything. Well Abby isn't that way.

We of course had the episode the first day that we brought her home. She barked and barked at the statue of the dog that we have in the back yard. Since then she has had other run ins with strange "dogs". The last two we got on video.

I took this video of Abby attacking the large stuffed black lab in our family room. The mp4 file is here.

Sandy took this video of Abby giving the business to the strangely familiar but very threatening dog that she sees in the patio door.

Yup. She's already quite a watch dog.