Stack Rock

Abby takes a break beside the trail

This summer when I got back from Europe I was gung ho to do as much hiking as I could. Abby and I did several hikes at Schafer Butte in the first few days that I was back. Then I went to the Sierras for a week for more hiking. When I got back, it was (sadly) time to go back to work.

Then the summer fire season hit in earnest. I had actually expected it to hit sooner. Now for a solid month, there was smoke everywhere and hiking wasn't a very attractive proposition.

Eventually the forest fires slacked off. It was time for Abby and I to head out to hike again. I picked Stack Rock for our hike. Years ago I had been to Stack Rock many times. When I still aspired to be a rock climber, we would go up to Stack Rock and do technical routes to reach the summit. But now I just wanted to hike there with Abby.

At Stack Rock

This would be a test. The weekend before, Labor Day weekend, I had gone running all three days. A few years ago when I went running my knee flared up and caused some real problems. This time my knee was hurting but I toughed it out. I had been inspired on our Europe trip by Randy, the other guy on the trip, to really start running seriously again. But my knee wasn't agreeing. After running three days in a row it hurt all week. Come the weekend I did this hike and about half way to Stack Rock my knee revolted. For about a mile it gave me real problems before it finally loosened up. But I came to the conclusion that running just doesn't agree with my knee. I would rather take it easy, and be able to hike, than jeopardize it by trying to run.

That was a real bummer. I never used to have any problems with my knees. But every day I get older and every day there are new problems. Being able to hike is precious to me, so running is going to have to go. That's sad. Fortunately my knee pretty much healed up over the next few weeks so I have been able to keep hiking.

It took Abby and I two hours to get to Stack Rock. In the old days we found a scramble route to the summit but I couldn't try it with Abby along. I would love to go back soon and go to the top. I did it many times years ago. I would like to do it again. That will have to be Next Time. But since Stack Rock is close to home, and the drive isn't that far, I hope to make it to the top soon.