Abby is not excited about dressing up for Halloween

Halloween is busy in our neighborhood and somehow I always draw Trick or Treat duty. Sandy usually has something to do or somewhere to go or some other reason why she is busy. I don't mind doing it though since I know kids have lots of fun with it. Besides I get to raid the candy bowl myself during the evening. I made sure that we had lots of candy this year and it turned out to be a good thing. We probably had two hundred kids come to our door.

Sandy got a pumpkin costume for Abby last year. Not quite as good as the Darth Dog costume that we had for Laney but it wasn't easy to find one that fit her. Most dog costumes are made for little foof dogs. This year Sandy dug it out and got Abby dressed up again. Abby doesn't like to wear things, she won't wear a scarf for anything, but she did let Sandy put on her costume. The hat did seem to bug her though. She didn't try to get it off but she certainly looked unhappy. I only made her wear the hat for a while before I let her take it off. We made sure to get pictures though.

You can't be serious about this, human

Although I don't mind answering the door for Trick or Treat, I could have done without Abby's help. She takes her job as a watchdog seriously. Every time the door bell rang she would bark like crazy. Besides scaring the little kids, and half the parents, the loud barking right next to me was definitely hurting my eardrums. I thought that if I took her outside and she could see people coming, she wouldn't react the way she did when the doorbell rang. So I put her leash on and we sat down on the front step with the bowl of candy. I used to do that with Laney and she loved all the attention that she got from the kids. Unfortunately Abby didn't see it the same way. She may have been dressed like a pumpkin but she did her best pit bull imitation. After wrestling with her for two or three groups of kids, we had to go back in the house. I took off her costume too. She just couldn't get into the Halloween spirit.

At least I got all the leftover candy though so I was happy.