Visiting Mom

Visiting my mom

When my dad died in the summer of 2015, my sister helped my mom move to Couer d'Alene Idaho where she lives. Since then she has been living in and assisted living home there. One of the reasons that I volunteered to go up to Moscow with Sandy for her business meetings was that I would only be an hour away from Couer d'Alene. While Sandy went to work, I drove up, picked up my sister Diane, and went to visit my mother for a couple of hours.

Although she is 87, my mom seemed to be happy and in good spirits. She seems to like the place that she is staying. I met some of the caregivers there and they all seemed to be very nice. My mom does have a lot of trouble with her memory. I think she knew who I was, but I'm not really sure. She smiled for the picture that Diane took of us but unfortunately the camera in my Galaxy S5 is terrible in low light, so the picture is very blurry. At least it didn't explode! It was still really good to see her again.