Abby's Hurt Paw

Abby takes a rest after all the excitement

Sandy had a quilting class one afternoon, so she made arrangements for Abby to go to Escape. It's her fancy doggie day care. She actually really likes it and has a lot of fun there. Since the class went late, I picked up Abby on my way home from work.

I didn't notice anything unusual when we first got home. But after a few minutes, when Abby came over by me, I thought I saw something on the floor. When I looked closer, it was blood. Since I was pretty sure that it wasn't me, I checked out Abby. Her right forepaw was bleeding, so I had to get her before she went all over the house and made a mess. But just as I called her over to me, one of us bumped the table nearby and a glass dish fell on the floor and shattered. Now I had a bleeding dog and a floor covered with broken glass. Fortunately a few minutes later Sandy got home. She got Abby to stay in one spot while I cleaned up as much of the broken glass as I could. After a few exciting minutes the situation was under control.

Abby doesn't seem to mind my makeshift bandage

To keep Abby from getting blood around the house and to protect her paw, I put one of Sandy's socks on her wounded paw. Abby is a good sport and put up with it with only minor protests. She laid down and took a nap and I finished cleaning up the house.

The next day Sandy took Abby to the vet. It turned out that there was some sort of exotic growth on her paw that had burst. I thought it was just a scrape, the kind of thing that all kids get when they are playing on the playground. But fortunately it turned out that it wasn't anything serious. After taking a day off from walking Abby healed up ok and was fine the next day. Over the next few days the growth went away and didn't come back. Everything was ok again. But I have to admit that it was exciting when I had a wounded dog bleeding all over the floor and broken glass everywhere. Parenting is quite an experience, whether it is your own kids or your furr kids.