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24 hours earlier we were on the beach in Hawaii

We were very proud of ourselves for the great timing of our Hawaii vacation. The weather was very mild this fall, even into December. But the forecast when we were getting ready to leave for our trip was for cold weather and snow right after we left. We probably should have felt guilty while we were enjoying the warm weather on Kauai when everyone back in Boise was shoveling snow but to be honest we were closer to gloating over being so clever (actually just lucky) and missing the snowy weather.

Fortunately we had clear weather the night we got back although it was very cold, especially compared to what we had enjoyed the past week. That's when it turned out that the timing for our trip, while good, wasn't perfect. We left at just the right time. We just didn't stay long enough. And considering how the weather has turned out for the rest of December, we would have needed to stay for at least a month.

The very first morning that we were back we woke up to several inches of new snow on the ground. Abby was expecting her usual walk first thing so Sandy and I both bundled up and bravely went out into the snow and the cold. It wasn't really that bad, only about 20 degrees F with no wind, but it sure was a dramatic change. Abby thinks that she is an arctic wolf so she let us know just what wimps she thought we were by rolling around and playing in the snow the whole time that we were out.

I'm getting tired of the polar vortex weakening. If this keeps up all winter we might have to move back to Singapore.