Big Abby Visit

The girls stay on the patio while the humans are in the house

Abby's sister lives just a few doors away from us. Since her name is Abby too, everyone calls her Big Abby since she weighs 25 pounds more than our Abby, who is known as Little Abby. They love to play together. If I am out for a walk and Abby sees her sister in the distance, she gets very excited until we can go over and say hi. Even when they are on leash, they immediatly jump on each other and wrestle and play.

Since they love to play together, sometimes we will take Abby over to Big Abby's house, or she will come over to ours. When her sister comes over, they love to race around the back yard, chase each other, wrestle, and play tug of war with Abby's toys. Some serious trash talking occurs when they are wrestling over a toy. Although they play rough, they don't hurt each other, usually. Once in a while we will hear a little yelp from one of them. But its just an accident and in two seconds they are wrestling again. It is funny when they play together. Anywhere one goes, the other has to follow. It's like seeing double.