A Lotta Lab Love

No, you aren't seeing double

Abby (aka Little Abby) is always excited when she gets to see her sister Abby (aka Big Abby). Whenever we run into them while we are out walking, the sisters always greet each other. When Abby goes to Escape for a doggie play day, we usually contact Big Abby's people to let them know. If we can coordinate their visits, they have a lot of fun playing together when they are both there.

Recently Big Abby came over to spend a morning at our house. Needless to say, the sisters played together the entire time.

Big Abby came over early, before I was even out of bed. Since I have been retired, I don't have an alarm clock. I usually get up when Abby decides she wants to go for a walk and jumps up on the bed and pokes me with a cold, wet nose. Over the past year I have learned technniques to protect myself under the sheets, so I can get a few extra minutes of sleep before I have to get up. But when Big Abby was there to help, I didn't have a chance. Big Abby tends to slobber more than Little Abby, so I was up and out of bed in a flash.

Taking the girls for a walk in the park

The girls were inseperable all morning. Wherever one of them went, the other was right behind. It was fun to call "Abby" and see both of them look. One would pick up a toy and then the other would start a tug of war over it. There was always lots of snarling and growling. It sounded viscious, but it was just Little Abby talking smack. Little Abby seems to play the roll of the Annoying Little Sister. Their favorite toy to fight over was Mr. Piggy. I'm surprised that he survived that day.

When I sat down on the floor with them, Big Abby immediatly came over with a toy and sat on my lap. Little Abby of course got jealous, so she came over with a toy and sat on my lap too. After all, I am one of her humans. So there I was on the floor with Big Abby (who weighs ninety five pounds) and Little Abby (who weighs seventy five pounds) sitting on my lap. A hundred and seventy pounds is a lot of lab love!

Later Sandy and I took them for a walk in the park. They were actually well behaved. That's a good thing because if they had decided to try to take off in different directions, or maybe worse, the same direction, it might have been tough for me to hold them back. I didn't have much of a weight advantage on them. But they were really good together. Sandy and I resolved that we need to invite Big Abby over more often for play dates.