Abby in her pumpkin costume

Now that Sandy and I are empty nesters, we usually just stay home on Halloween. Over time it has become my job to answer the door for Trick or Treat and give out candy. Somehow Sandy is always busy. But I don't have to do it alone. Laney used to help me. In fact, it was when we dressed her up in a Darth Vader costume for Halloween many years ago that Darth Dog was born.

Now it's up to Abby to help me. This year Sandy bought her a pumpkin costume to help her get into the spirit of Halloween. Abby isn't crazy about wearing anything. Unlike Laney, she refuses to wear the scarves that Sandy makes for her. But she was a good sport when we put her pumpkin costume on her. You could see in her eyes that she was thinking "Seriously? You guys expect me to wear this?" But she put up with it.

I tried sitting out on the porch with her for a while but she did not like some of the costumes that kids were wearing. When she sees something out of the ordinary she can get very upset. For example, when we hike if she sees someone carrying a big backpack she totally freaks out. It didn't take long for her to spot some kids costumes that really upset her and when she barks she can be pretty scary. Sitting on the porch didn't work out so we had to go inside.

For quite a while, every time the doorbell rang she did her best to bark and try to scare the kids away. Eventually she got used to it and let me give out the candy. I think that Halloween is not her favorite holiday. She much prefers Thanksgiving, with all of the leftovers that she gets. But she did look pretty funny in her costume.