Boise 08

I'm going for the record of shortest blog post ever this time. But who knows? Once I start typing, I do tend to run on a bit. Of course I never do that in person. Last post I covered my trip to the Sawtooths while in Boise this summer. This will cover the rest of the visit.

Our first night we met up with Mickey to go out for dinner. It was our official celebration for his high school graduation. He picked McGrath's for the venue. Easy for us as we were staying right across the street. It was a really good dinner. Afterwards Mickey and I went over to the local game store. It was a pretty good game store but it had only a few wargames. No surprise there. So far in Milwaukee, Madison and Boise I hadn't really found any good wargames to take back to Singapore with me. Bummer of the night was that somewhere along the line I lost my Beijing 2008 Olympics cap that I was wearing. I probably left it at McGraths. Not like I will be going back to get another one soon.

Dinner to celebrate Mickey's high school graduation

The next day Mickey and I met up and went to Idaho Pizza Company for lunch. It still is my favorite pizza place and I do miss it. After that we hit a few bookstores and then Mickey headed off to meet up with his friends. He only had an evening or two before his army induction. That happened on July 8 and from there he went to basic training. He should be there until sometime in September. Then he gets a short break before going to his dive training in Florida. If he makes it through the whole course that will take about six months.

The next day I met an old friend from hp, Tracy Stewart, at Idaho Pizza Company (I told you it was my favorite pizza place). We got to catch up on our activities over the past year. Number one concern for both of us is our sons in the military. I told her about Tim going to Iraq on his first deployment this June. She is way ahead of me though. Her oldest son Josh is currently on his third tour in Iraq with the Fourth Infantry Division. Her younger son Jarred is in the Marine Corps and is in Afghanistan. She said that the strain of having her sons in combat zones was very tough, especially over such an extended period. With both of them deployed now it was doubly hard. Guess what. Her opinion of our current president is even lower than mine. And if anyone is offended by that, I wish you could get together with Tracy and I and explain your position to us.

Sandy and I had some get togethers at the Reardon's with some friends but I am going to leave that for Sandy to relate. She promised to do a post to cover all of the quilting-related activities on the trip. And that was it for Boise. It was back to the midwest.

I think I made it as the shortest post even with the politics in there.