Sandy's trip to the US

Laney is doing well in Wisconsin

I had to be in the U.S. during the week of April 9th and decided to take advantage of that to fly back to Madison since Mom's birthday had been the week before along with Mom and Dad's anniversary being on the 9th. Going to Madison for the weekend also had several other advantages in addition to seeing Lynn and Dan and the kids. First, I was looking forward to the opportunity to Laney again. I was curious if she would remember me. Second, I was on a mission to buy some shoes. It turns out that most of the shoes you can buy in Singapore have mainly 4 inch high heels! There is no way I am walking around in shoes like that. If I do get lucky and find something that doesn't have such a high heel, I am usually told that they don't have anymore "big sizes". Bear in mind I wear an 8.5 size shoe, not that big. Compared to my assistant at work who wears a size 3, I guess 8.5 does seem big!

I started my trip in San Diego and did have a chance to visit a big shopping mall near Rancho Bernardo. Shannon wanted me to check out American Eagle for her and I did manage to find some shorts she wanted plus I even found a navy skirt that she can wear to school as a part of her uniform. I also was able to find one of my favorite clothes brands at Macy's and did find one pair of shoes to start. Fortunately when I packed I still managed to fit everything in my suitcase and didn't yet overflow to the extra bag I packed.

In Madison I had the opportunity to get to Greenway Station with Mom, Lynn, and Colleen. There is a shoe place there called DSW shoes. It is a huge shoe warehouse but the styles are all current. I usually find lots of shoes there I like and this trip was no different. I think I bought 5 pairs of shoes there, mainly sandals. I think I am the only person in Singapore who has been wearing pumps the last 3 months so I am set now with sandals in all the basic colors! I also found a lot of nice things at Chico's. I have to dress up at work in Singapore but am getting tired of wearing the same old boring suits so now I am set for awhile.

Stocking up on the essentials

I also had to pick up a few food items in the U.S. Shannon wanted gum, lots of it since you can't buy it in Singapore. She also wanted Niblets so Grandma and Grandpa found that for her. I wanted to get some canned chicken and Betty Crocker frosting mix since I haven't been able to find that either. By the way, I also checked out my favorite quilt shop in Sun Prairie and also the yarn shop next door. I had to pick up a few things at both of those stores. By the time I packed up the things I had bought, I not only filled up the extra bag I brought, but 1 of Dad's!

I had a chance to see Laney two of the three days in Madison. Devin and Colleen are sure she remembered me because they said they haven't seen her so excited before when someone came to the house. She looks really good and seems to have taken over the Finley house just as she did ours. She had a blanket on every couch in the house and especially likes to sit in the sunroom where she has a grand view outside. She is still the guard dog on duty and was quick to let us know when a person or dog walked by the house. We took her for a walk on Sunday and she about yanked my arm out of the socket. When I went to the chiropractor on my return to Singapore he wondered what giant animal had done that! I also found out that when Lynn gets up Laney sometimes takes over her spot on their bed. Amazing! Laney has a wonderful home with the Finleys and we are lucky they were willing to take her. She is a wonderful dog and deserves a good family.