Mickey in Singapore - pt 1

First morning breakfast - not even jetlagged

Well, we have received our first visitor in Singapore. Mickey has been the first one who is brave enough to travel half way around the world to come for a visit. He made the trip from Boise, through Los Angeles and Tokyo, all by himself. He is an experienced traveler, but that is a long way for anyone to go. He left Boise at 11 am on Friday morning (Boise time) and landed in Singapore a little after 1 am on Sunday morning. A long trip indeed. After traveling from the US to Singapore, you do get a feeling for how large the world is. You need to travel almost half way around the earth.

He seemed to have survived ok, although he had the usual complaints about the seats being too cramped. He is a little taller than me and I don't quite fit. Tim is in for a treat! And the airline food of course.

Mickey's new ride

Speaking of food, he brought his appetite. When we got home he was hungry, so we walked down to a McDonalds on Orchard Road that is open 24 hours. Even at 3 in the morning there were people out. And he was up bright and early and ready for breakfast. We walked down to Swensons and ate on the patio. It is a favorite place of ours for weekend breakfast. It's a great place to watch the crowds passing on Orchard Road.

Not long after getting here Mickey fell head over heels in love. I have to admit that she is a real beauty. Someone in our building drives a red Lamborghini and he spotted it parked downstairs. I won't be surprised if Mickey starts sleeping in the car park to be close to it. It's something for him to save his money for I guess.

Lucky Plaza on a slow Sunday afternoon

After breakfast we took a tour along Orchard Road. Mickey got his first experience bartering at Lucky Plaza when he needed to buy a memory stick for his camera. And Lucky Plaza on a Sunday is a Singapore event. Since Sunday is maid's day off, it seems like every one of them in town comes to Lucky Plaza to hang out. You can hardly move. Today was actually kind of slow.

Mickey turned into a real explorer. Mickey, Shannon and I went through some shopping malls that even I hadn't been through, and I thought I had been through just about every one close by. We found a poster promoting a big event for the release of Command and Conquer III (PC game, for those not in the know). Mickey's cousins will be jealous. They have been waiting a long time for the release of this game. You guys should have come to visit for spring break!

We even found the "killer escalator" in the DFS Galleria. This escalator took you right from the ground floor all the way up to the fifth floor. When we got there we couldn't find any way down! We must have looked lost, because a nice lady came and told us how to find the down escalator. Unfortunately, the nice lady told us in Mandarin. We did finally figure out how to get down on our own after winding through several stores and going down several blind paths. But it wasn't easy.

Eat your heart out, David Minerath

We went and checked out the local cineplex. We haven't been to a movie yet since we have been here, but there are lots of good movies that have just come out. We are planning to try out the theaters later this week.

Finally, Shannon the bungey jumping queen, issued her challenge to Mickey to do the G-Max reverse bungy. He has accepted, so tonight we are going down to Clark Quay to fly into space. Unfortunately, there are three seats so there is room for me. Hopefully I will be in condition to tell you all about it in another post. Sandy has already expressed her deep disappointment that there isn't room for her to do the bungy as well. I wouldn't even consider it myself, but you do get a tshirt for doing it.