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Everyone wants a picture taken with the Merlion

Once we finally left Madison and Chicago I was relieved. We were on our way. Our flights to Singapore were long but actually passed quickly, if possible for 26 hours of traveling. I read one book and watched movies. I was not able to sleep, it was too noisy. The man next to us on the flight to Hong Kong has flown over there about 20 times! I can't imagine doing that. Once we made it to Singapore we went through immigration and got our luggage. We saw Shannon waving at the window! The kids were so excited to see her. It was in the 80's - quite a difference from Sun Prairie weather. Sandy's & Steve's apartment is beautiful and the pool has gotten a lot of use. Dan swims almost every morning. We are close to shopping and restaurants. As Steve says, the Singaporean national past times are eating and shopping. The shopping district is within 10 minutes of their apartment and it is miles of shopping malls, souvenir shops, restaurants and everything else in between. At night the Christmas lights have been spectacular. Every time we have eaten out it has been outdoors in the open air. The people have been very friendly. We have done tons of walking. I wish I had brought a pedometer to log the miles.

The kids on the MRT

We spent a day at the zoo. The kids enjoyed it. Devin and Dan took a lot of pictures. Another day, Shannon, Dan, Devin, Colleen and I took the MRT to Sentosa Island. This is an island that has different exhibits and activities. Devin and Shannon rode the luge ride. They thought this was cool. Then we went to Underwater World. I think Dan and Devin were in a contest to see who could take the most pictures. Here you could ride through a tunnel and even see sharks swimming! We rode through this twice. I think the highlight of this was seeing the stingray pool. There are also beaches on Sentosa Island. We went to walk in the sand and take more pictures. On another excursion Sandy, Steve, Dan and I took the MRT to the river to a microbrewery for lunch. Then we walked to Chinatown to look around. Dan did some shopping - that was a dangerous place for him. After a bit, Sandy and I left the guys there and took a cab home.

It has been interesting to see another culture and how people live in another part of the world. Some things are the same and some are very different. This has been a wonderful - a trip of life time!

Additional pictures

Looks like swimming those laps must have been exhausting