When Pigs Can Fly

A very tall crane lifts heavy equipment to the roof

Singapore is a crowded city. Buildings are packed closely together. There is little open space. High rise buildings are everywhere. But the city is very modern. There just any old buildings around anywhere. Which of course raises the problem of what happens to old buildings. I did a post on this last year that described the process and showed photos as several buildings near our apartment were torn down. Basically the process is to erect scaffolding all around the building. Then it is wrapped in a heavy material to prevent debris from the demolition from falling out where it could cause damage or injury. Then a piece of heavy construction equipment is lifted onto the roof and the building is torn apart, picec by piece, floor by floor, from the top down. It is a fascinating process to watch. But the toughest part seemed to be getting the heavy equipment to the top of the building in the first place, maybe as much as twenty stories high. When the apartment building right behind ours was torn down, I finally got to watch the process. It's quite amazing. Here is the sequence of pictures that I took of the operation.

Additional pictures

First step is to put scaffolding all around the building