Ivan's Last Day

Can't have a party without a cake

I've worked at the University of Idaho for almost five years now. This month, on May 6, one of the two other guys in my department had his last day at work. Ivan (how's that for a Mexican name?) has been going to school at BSU for seven years to earn his BS in Electrical Engineering while he worked full time as a technician at U of I. Now that he has finished his degree (his second - he has a CS degree from the University of Zamora) he is going to work as an R&D engineer at Hewlett Packard.

It's been a lot of fun working with Ivan. He has helped me learn Spanish. Let's say that he has helped me learn a lot of Mexican "slang". To quote Donald Trump, now "I have all the best words." They come in very handy in IT when things aren't working!

I had fun working with him on his homework while he was taking classes. Doing math and circuit problems was certainly nostalgic for me. We'd have long conversations about his physics classes.

I got him started hiking. I took him on his first hike in the big mountains, a trip to the Sawtooths. I even got him started playing wargames. We've played the Mexican-American War several times. I like to play the Mexicans while Ivan takes the Americans. I still have a games on the War of Texas Independence and the Alamo that we need to try out.

Note Maxwell's equations on the board

And he helped me with my PC. "Pappy Ivan" tackled all the delicate surgery when I upgraded my Blackbird, not once, but twice. (There's no link for the second since we just finished. I will do a post on it soon.)

Of course we had a party at work on his last day to make fun of/honor Ivan. It was very well attended. Even the UPS guy came.

Hopefully we'll still see each other often for more hikes/wargames/physics discussions.